Site Accessibility Issues

The sad fact in these technological times is that no two computers are alike. Sure, they might look the same, they might even seem to work the same, but beneath the surface there are millions of tiny differences that can make things really frustrating. 

If you are having troubles with accessing any part of our website, please let us know, either via email (, or by phone (888.850.5287). In order for our dedicated Development Team to investigate the issue, we will need to know the following:

  • What type of device (desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone)
  • What type of system you are using (Windows or Mac)
  • Which internet browser you are using (Windows Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Firefox, Chrome)
  • What type of internet connection you have

Please understand that while we make every effort to have our site compatible for as many users as possible, it is optimized for the Chrome browser, so please use that whenever possible. Older systems, outdated operating systems, and unsupported browsers can and often will have an adverse effect on your ability to navigate our site and make use of its various functions, including your account dashboard. 

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